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We Have Three Options​

How To Take BACK

Our Appraisal Industry

If you're a real estate appraiser it will come as no surprise you are part of a group of pushovers. This is a fact! How do I know?


If this happened in any other industry no one would put up with it!!


Take for example an AMC. No I’m talking about an Attorney Management Company. Yeah right. Someone would get their ass sued before that ever happened. How about a REAMC? A Real Estate Agent Management Company that commands 50% of the brokered commission (if you don’t like it we’ll simply find an agent that does). A CPAMC….Certified Public Accountant Management Company. All your tax questions and comminucation have to pass through the CPAMC first. A PMC? Plumber Management Company. “Remember it’s mandatory you dress business casual”. Here’s another PMC. A Proctologist Management Company……Oh wait, they all might get along.


I used to love this business. Fifteen years ago I expanded my one man shop and hired five appraisers. I had clients with relationships I’d nurtured for a decade. We had 200+ appraisals a month flowing through the system with an average 1004 at $550. Now I’m back in a spare bedroom and regularly solicited at $225. Someone willing to go out of business faster than me is accepting these. We’re going backward folks. I want to take back my appraisal industry and I can’t do it alone……The way I see it we have three options………..Go to top (read Option One)


Christopher Smith

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